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Be sure to “Subscribe” above to get updates on what we are doing.  Click "Posts" below to read our latest announcements.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FIND US  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Introducing Douglas Witt, an experienced artist and the Artistic Director/CEO of TheaterLunaire. Douglas has had a remarkable 30-year career in the arts. He has devoted much time to teaching in Canada, including in remote communities in the Canadian Arctic. Passionate about mask-making and imparting artistic knowledge, Douglas is the driving force behind creating colouring page mask-making kits. These kits foster creativity, encourage self-expression, and provide an enjoyable experience for children, art enthusiasts, craft lovers, and educators alike. Douglas creates fun and creative templates to help teachers with engaging art projects. His templates also provide valuable resources for teachers interested in innovative teaching methods. Join Douglas on his Gumroad account to explore a world where art, imagination, and learning converge. Unleash your creativity, discover the joy of mask-making, and embark on a delightful artistic journey with Douglas Witt. And that's not all! For more dynamic possibilities in teaching and learning about mask-making for theatre productions in schools or personal workshops, visit ( Douglas offers mentoring services and a wide variety of products for sale, including several books on mask-making. Expand your artistic horizons and dive into the captivating realm of masks. Welcome to a realm of endless possibilities!


Gourd-Geous Faces


"Colouring Page" Haunted Hues

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